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We offer you a range of the highest quality products, manufactured and designed in Germany, France, India and China under some of the most renowned brands in the hardware industry. The cutting-edge technology and highly-equipped tools offer the precision and utility catered to the heaviest industrial usage to even the everyday home-usage. It is our utmost priority to regulate the quality standards of our products in order to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

We strive for sincere, personal assistance to help you through the buying process for your business and home hardware solutions. Our extensive sales team offers you the best pricing options and flexible payment plans to ensure a seamless experience. The expert staff is here to guide you with specification input as well as after-sales service to sustain the maintenance and continuity of our products.

Our brand is making its way to reach several markets across the Middle East region and beyond to major North and West African countries. We are striving to extend our network as far as possible to cater to markets and businesses in all parts of the world.

Our mission to serve goes beyond our loyal customers in due efforts to create a difference in the welfare of our society and the preservation of our environment. We believe in sustainable, greener practices for all of our employees and workforces. In addition, we aspire to uplift the standard of living for those in need as well as offer grants towards the education and nurturement of young children.

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Misar is an eminent Building Materials Suppliers and Hardware solution providers for over 35 years in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East, and North and West African countries.

Power Tools

With an extensive range of portable and industrial-grade power tools, Misar is a major supplier and importer of the finest power equipment of the leading brands in the industry.

Hand Tools

A renowned importer, marketer and distributor of durable hand tools as well as outdoor tools and accessories.


For various electrical needs, a key provider of high-quality electrical cables,tools, equipment in the UAE, Middle East and African regions.


Provides a one-stop solution for all company packaging needs, as a large provisioner of a wide range of packaging materials.


With a vast range of safety equipment, ensuring the safety of all of its product users, including shatterproof headgear, high protection face and eye masks, and heavy-duty gloves.

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