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Adhesives are used widely, it has so many industrial applications and different types of it are needed in daily life. Either we break something or are building something new, we need something that binds it or fixes it and that’s where our superb range or adhesive comes handy to our valued customers. There may be many adhesive companies but rest assured that you have clicked the right link.

At home we might need specific adhesive for applications in aquarium and tank assembly, bookbinding, furniture making, and shoemaking. 

For a larger Industrial purpose we are adhesive suppliers that can be used in appliance assembly, automotive, construction, labeling, packaging, plumbing, arts and crafts, healthcare, interior design, and woodworking. Our adhesives are so strong that they can be used to stick together cement, ceramic, glass, marble, metals, paper, plastics, wood, and so much more.


  • Binding Times: It Depends on their composition; adhesives take different amounts of time to bind. For instance, some adhesives might require a full night to complete bonding with a surface, while others set and dry almost instantly.
  • Temperature: Different adhesives have different temperature ranges, depending on how much cooling or heating they require to harden.
  • Heating and Cooling Speeds: Adhesives tend to heat or cool at a variety of speeds, remaining tacky or soft for different amounts of time.
  • Application Methods: Adhesives can be applied using a variety of methods for example coating, and spraying. You can also spread adhesives with a brush etc.

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  • We proudly state that we are the best adhesive suppliers in the UAE because we have a family of trusted customers. When it is the matter of the customer’s happiness we don’t compromise.
  • When it comes to buying construction building material choose us because we are your one stop solution.

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