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Misar Trading is the supreme Asmaco product dealer offering an array of solutions to you. Be it applicant paint, construction, building coating, and more. You can choose from a wide range of Asmaco spray paint from Asmaco product suppliers.

Spray paints give the much-needed brightness, finish, make the surface smoother, and suitable for interior and exterior applications. Asmaco spray paints offer versatility, adequate hiding capacity, protection from corrosion, and even coverage security. These products are highly applicable for automobiles, cycles, steel surfaces, wooden furniture and blinds, plastic articles, etc.

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Some Of Our Popular Asmaco™ Products We Deals Are

Why Choose Misar as ASMACO™ Dealer in the UAE?

Asmaco offers a wide range of product categories. We feel honored to become the leading supplier of Asmaco products and deliver all product types under one roof. Our product category includes:

1. Asmaco spray paint

The product is widely used in surface-treated woods, glass and automotive, and even the advertising industry. Giving sufficient surface shine and smoothness. Misar Trading LLC, one of the leading Asmaco spray paint suppliers, offers affordable yet quality sprays paint products. The quick-drying, high gloss, and highly durable features make it worth trying the product. Our range of products in the spray paint will surely meet your vivid needs.

2. Asmaco Silicone Sealant

It is a product suitable for general construction sealing purposes, being highly resistant to moisture. The best part about it is its ability to excel resistant to aging, shrinkage, and cracking along with discoloring. It’s top-notch quality, performance as a sealant is ideal for material like glass and Aluminum. With us, the choicest Asmaco Silicone Sealant suppliers, you can get exactly the right quality, affordability in the product.

3. Asmaco PU Foam

It is a moisture curing and self-expanding product designed to be dispensed through the straw gun quickly. The best part is the im-presence of any harmful gases, which reduces the risk of environmental concerns. It dries quickly, is mold proof and holds excellent mounting capacity. Being renowned Asmaco PU Foam suppliers, you can rely on the quality we provide. The excellent adhesion and filling capacity make it a great choice too.

4. Asmaco Zinc Spray

Looking for an Asmaco Zinc Spray supplier? Misar Trading LLC is your right pick. We offer Galvanic protection from chemical corrosion or thermal corrosion. It holds the ability to resist a salty atmosphere and temperature bearing capacity up to -50 to 550. It has an aerosol formulation allowing it to dry quickly and even spray fast. It can be painted after curing and is CFC free too.

5. Asmaco PVC insulation tape

This is a fire-retardant tape used highly for splicing, insulation, and even connecting bare wires. With different colors available, you can get your hands from the top Asmaco PVC insulation tape suppliers. It offers superior initial adhesion, is easily cut by hand, has minimal flagging, and can stand extreme pressure.

6. Asmaco pipe wrapping tape

Misar Trading is your prominent option when you are searching for a quality Asmaco pipe wrapping tape supplier. The tapes are high-performance, anti-corrosion wrapping tape designed to get proper use on pipe jotting, fitting, tie bars, buried pipelines, and more. You can make the most out of this tape, as it is designed to offer much-needed benefits. Get your hands on the prominent pipe wrapping tape at us and make the most use of it.

7. Asmaco Aluminum tape

The aluminum tape at Asmaco Aluminum tape suppliers from Misar Trading offers high tensile strength, aluminum foil backing capacity, adding to its great benefits. Combined with the high performance and quality synthetic rubber-resin adhesive. You can use it to seal, protect the assemblies, any surface, and make it work for any range of industries. This tape will meet the vivid needs of every customer and deliver satisfaction.

8. Asmaco Duct Tape

The product is coated with pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive coating, that provides quality and excellent adhesion, and much-needed strength. It offers high tensile strength, excellent moisture resistance, easy tearing, blends well on irregular surfaces, and more. Combined with quality and excellent strength, we the top-rated Asmaco duct tape suppliers offer you the most used tape applicable to almost any industry.

9. Asmaco masking tape

This product is ideal for masking, marking, packing, splicing, and even general application and bundling. The easy tear and UV resistance ability makes it a versatile choice. Being a top-notch Asmaco masking tape supplier, we offer quality and affordability at its best. It is coated with crepe paper, delivering the natural rubber adhesive ability to its overall look and feel. Misar Trading feels honored to gain a position as the market leader. You can trust us for the range, affordability, versatility, and quality guaranteed. Get all the Asmaco products under one roof and meet your vivid needs.
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