We Hammer The Nails Of Your Needs!​

There are many types of hammers used by tradesmen that we in our language call carpenters. We supply tack hammers or if you need a hefty framing hammer, we have got it all. There isn’t a single, particular model that is universal, and there isn’t a universal carpenter’s hammer. One could generically call a claw hammer a carpenter’s hammer, which has a curved claw, or a straight claw. The debate doesn’t stop at handles; wooden handled, steel, fiberglass or plastic?

Luckily you don’t have to be confused because our team is specialized at understanding the customer’s needs and our user-friendly website will give you just the right pick for your needs!

But first, read these features which will help you in buying the correct hammer.


  • Our featured hammers are rounded, flat head on one side, which is designed for pounding nails. The other side has a curved, claw-like end that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The best quality hammer that we have could do the job of something as simple as pounding in a nail to hang a picture. It will install studs to frame out a room efficiently.
  • The flat, rounded side which is handmade and exclusively designed to drive nails perfectly.
    If you need to remove nails, the claw side which is handy enough will pull them out. If you drive the nail in the incorrect spot or you’re taking something off the wall that you no longer want to display, these hammers will do its job in the best possible way.

Why choose us

    • Here at Misar Trading, we are the best carpenter hammer dealers because we know what the customer actually desires.
    • We are trusted by thousands of customers because we believe in quality service hence that makes us one of the premium carpenter hammer suppliers in UAE. We largely supply carpenter hammer in Dubai too.
    • Whatever you are looking for whether it is aluminum rivets, hammers, adhesives etc we have got you covered!

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