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Misar is one of the most known haemmerlin wheelbarrow suppliers in Dubai that deals in all types of wheelbarrows used for construction purposes. Haemmerlin has always been the best in terms of quality and services; therefore, Misar provides a range of designs for wheelbarrows that meet the demands of the customers.

A wheelbarrow is a common tool for a man but if the quality is low it fails to hold heavyweight materials, therefore Haemmerlin products are manufactured using strong and rigid trays that are capable enough to hold the weight of heavy materials. The ergonomic design of the tray is double-shifted to reduce the risk of injuries. Each tray is designed perfectly that can balance any type of material kept in it.

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There are two types of frames provided by the brand, integral and alpha. The integral frame is a one-piece tubular design that allows the carriage of heavy loads. Its smooth and robust tip at the end makes the process of unloading easier. Whereas the alpha frame is a newly designed frame that enables the carriage of heaviest loads which also makes the process of loading and unloading easier.

A wheelbarrow is nothing without its wheels that should be durable and strong enough for carrying loads. Haemmerlin pneumatic puncture-free wheelbarrow wheel comes with solid and long-lasting features that are highly durable. With perfect size and slip-resistance material, the grip of the wheelbarrow is just perfect for people of all ages. Its ergonomic design gives a better and comfortable feel to the person who uses it daily.

The object includes 100% polyester paint that is applied with the automated paint process and is presented with a high UV standard. The product has a smart finishing that lasts longer and is highly durable for all types of seasons. Shop Haemmerlin products online in UAE from Misar Trading Co and buy construction tools and building materials at a competitive price. You can view our complete range of products at our online portal or get in touch with us through email.

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