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Honeywell’s safety solution provides a comprehensive solution to workplace safety, accidents, and response to improvise enterprise performance, enabling greater product design and quality innovation. We, the leading Honeywell safety product dealer, serve the market by providing value-added services and high-level customer support.

Honeywell safety products offer real-time safety intelligence, better work productivity, and operational intelligence. The product range matches almost all industries’ needs, especially the construction industry, as construction sites are prone to mishaps, like falling off objects, slipping, struck by an object, and so on. This challenging workplace environment requires safety products to keep the workflow smooth and hassle-free

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Why Choose Misar as ASMACO™ Dealer in the UAE?

For workers who continuously deal with workplace hazards that might affect their lungs, eyes, nose, face, and legs. This Honeywell safety product acts as the most important and much-needed element that must be used in construction sites, where the accident occurs very commonly. Our list of products is engineered for reliability, performance, technology, and comfort.

Honeywell Safety Glasses

Reduce the risk of eye damage and reduce the danger of inviting injuries to the eye at the workplace. We are the top Honeywell Safety Glasses supplier; These glasses provide ultimate comfort, extreme fitting, and unmatched protection. Acting as a defense mechanism to protect your vision and make a stylish look to your overall appearance.
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Explore the extensive range of Honeywell (Gloves) products at UAE distributors

Honeywell Safety Gloves

The cutting-edge design combined with the latest technology offers an excellent fit and feel in the Honeywell Safety Gloves. Misar Trading is a proud dealer of Honeywell safety products, and the gloves are the most sold product on the list. It comes in different sizes to make a perfect fit for your hand. Any challenging job can be done easily with this product!

Honeywell Safety Goggles

Get your hands on the Anti-fog, Anti-scratch protective gear designed to keep elegance as one of the priorities, along with the excellent eye protection that it provides. The comfort fitting surpasses your expectation and exceeds the standards too. Be it an oil and gas operation, mining, aerospace, or heavy equipment dealing work. You can get the job done with ease by wearing these amazing safety goggles.
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Honeywell Welding Helmets

For experienced welders or a hobbyist who wishes to get quality products, you can seek Honeywell Welding Helmets. The helmet offers greater protection, superior comfort, reducing the need for constant adjustment. If you are looking for something like this, you can reach us. We are the right dealer of Honeywell products and offer a range to you. We understand your need for quality and affordability, and that’s what you can expect from us.

Honeywell Safety Respirator Masks

Honeywell is a leading provider of respiratory protection products, and the most used in the list is Honeywell Safety Respirator Masks. It acts as a protector for employees working in various industries, especially dealing with gases, dust, and other harmful air that might pose a danger to their health. It can be used in the chemical, steel, and metal industry the most, as the employees have to work in a challenging environment with hardly any good air to breathe.
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Honeywell Safety Ear Muffs & Ear Plug

Your workers deserve to be protected from workplace hazards and be away from health and safety ear injuries. Therefore, the best protection tool to reach out to is Honeywell Safety Ear Muffs & Ear Plug. Boost hearing protection with this pain-free product, which is lightweight, easy to fit, offers outstanding comfort and seamlessly blends its way. We offer a wide range of earmuffs that provide the right kind of protection you have been looking for.

Honeywell Face Shield

With the right knowledge, technology, and innovation, Honeywell Face Shield has been developed as the core way to protect workers. From all sorts of challenging issues like flying objects, chemical spilling, infectious material, and more. It acts as a shield giving you the right protection to deal with the rough challenges of face hazards. Keep your worker safe and sound and their health as a top concern with the help of this Honeywell shield mask.

Misar Trading is a prominent Honeywell safety product dealer in the UAE. We feel honored serving customers with the range of safety products that they can use and feel secured. Workplace hazards aren’t something to ignore, so we not only provide you with safety equipment. We also encourage and educate our customers to practice using safety products and incorporate the right way to use them. Let your Men feel safe working in a challenging environment!

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