Paint Faster And Smoother With The Right Paint Roller

Misar Trading is a professional and dedicated supplier of Paint Rollers in Dubai, UAE. We provide you with quality tools that meet the demands of our customers. These tools are made of high-grade materials and have a long life. They are easy to use and have an ergonomic design. Our products have been tested on various parameters so as to ensure their quality. We offer these products at affordable prices along with free shipping within the UAE.

How To Choose The Right Paint Roller?

In order to get the best out of a paint roller, it is important to use the right nap type for each surface. Paint rollers are measured by the nap length, which helps create the type of texture and coverage of the paint at each roll. Nap is the soft part of the roller, which is used to apply paint.  A variety of materials, lengths and thicknesses are available.

Long Naps: these are 1-inch thick due to which they can soak a lot of paint. As a result, it can produce a lot of texture on the wall. Long naps are best on surfaces like popcorn ceilings that already contain a lot of textures.

Medium Size Naps: These are around 3/8-inch thick and are recommended for surfaces that are semi-rough as slightly longer fibers allow for pushing the paint into the dips of the surface. Thus, we can get full paint coverage. Since these are not long, they do not add any additional texture to the wall/ceiling.

Shorter Size Naps: These are approx. ¼-inch thick roller naps that are suitable for smooth surfaces where texture is not required. Thus we get smooth surfaces using shorter naps.  

Why choose us

  • Misar Trading Company LLC provides the best variety of paint rollers that can transform your house/office interior. 
  • We are the leading supplier of Paint Roller that is renowned for its durability, smoothness and finish.
  • We have been serving our clients for more than 30 years and we have gained a good reputation among them for our quality products and services.

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