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Misar Trading Offering high-quality Spray Paint that are rush resistant, highly durable, fast drying and easy to apply. However, one should have a little knowledge before going to a hardware store.Spray paints are not what they used to be – they are better now!
Finding a painting with a brush is a time-consuming process? Then take advantage of spray paints to accomplish your paint tasks in record time. The spray paint quality has evolved and is much better now. 

Things To Know While Selecting The Right Spray Paint

Plastic: Plastic items like lawn chairs, mailboxes, planters, etc. can be painted in a couple of hours. Colors can also be mixed to get special decorative effects.

Enamel: Best for metal surfaces and appliances. It provides a hard finish and can be used for recoats and touch-ups.

Frosted: This type helps in creating an etched glass look on doors and mirrors and is useful to get a customized decorative look.

Chalkboard: These types of sprays can be used in children’s rooms and to coat wood, metal, or poster board surfaces. It provides a clean-erase finish.

Finish Coating: Apply this type of paint finish on all kinds of items to add a high luster finish by multiple coats of lacquers. It gives furniture a stunning look. These are available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin. Urethane coating is also available to give a surface a protective finish.

Specialty: Spray paint cans for specialty finishing are highly useful for metallic, stone, reflective, or antique surfaces along with patinas like rust, verdigris and hammered surfaces.

High Heat: These types of spray paint cans are useful in painting radiators, grills, and stoves. However, one should not paint the interior surfaces of these items as they are exposed to flames. Thus can only be recommended for exterior paints.

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Misar Trading Company LLC has got all your paint needs covered. All types of spray paint cans are available at our dealerships in Dubai, UAE. Having thousands of customers in this region, we understand the needs of our customers and offer the best rates. 

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