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Professional Dealers Of Traffic Cones Across the UAE


Misar Trading Co. LLC is offering high-quality traffic cones to our customers at the most competitive prices in Dubai. As highlighted previously, traffic cones can be considered the most significant safety tool in the traffic world. Although we see them every day, it requires more importance. Traffic cones can be used in situations like dividing traffic lanes, giving directions at construction sites or around utility projects and road maintenance. It can also alert drivers to see any hazards on the roads like:

  • Stalled vehicles or roadside crashes
  • Rough terrain
  • Sharp turns
  • Raised manhole Covers
  • Potholes

Specifications of Traffic Cones

Although when we hear the word Traffic Cones, we perceive that it is a tool solely to control traffic.  However, it can also be used in other ways. These traffic cones are bright in color, extremely portable and durable and can help enhance safety measures. These are so portable that you can easily stack them and put them in store when not needed, thus requiring less storage space. Vibrant colors and reflective features make them more visible and effective during the night.
From crowded streets to corridors, to hallways and construction sites, these can be used in high-danger zones. They help keep away any work hazards. The site of a traffic cone warns people to be careful and avoid any possible dangerous situation. Most importantly, it is the most cost-effective safety tool as compared to other safety products.

Why choose us

Misar Trading Company LLC provides high visibility cones that are available in different colors, materials, weights and sizes and come in both with or without the high-intensity reflective striping thus; customers can choose a cost-effective option if they want to use it only during the day. Being a stockist of construction and safety materials, you can find all the tools for your needs at our dealerships in UAE and Dubai.

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