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Working in a challenging and risk-prone working environment requires special attention. Keeping your staff and workers secured and safe is your utmost responsibility. Protective clothing, shoes, and vests are highly worn by personnel working in hazardous or challenging work environments. Keeping the workplace secure and worker’s safety is the employer’s critical concern, as one of the leading, top-notch, and highly professional dealers of Vaultex safety items in the UAE.

We are proud to possess the ability to deliver services beyond your expectation. Our broad range of safety gears are made of high quality, versatility applicable for major industries and occupations. From safety harness, safety coverall beige, fire retardant coverall to medical slippers, and more. We specialized in Vaultex Safety Products and all other workplace safety-related equipment. As a leading safety equipment dealer, we are not just delivering protective items to our customers. But our main area of focus is to educate the customer about the importance of safety gear.
vaultex safety shoes by misar

Why Choose Misar as Vaultex™ Safety Products in the UAE?

If you wish to buy equipment in the field of protective industrial and other areas. We offer a range of safety products and provide quality assurance that matches your needs and expectations. Our knowledgeable staff attains the right skill required to meet your needs for safety requirements and offer a personalized solution to each.

1. Vaultex Safety Harness

Want some extra protection at the workplace? Safety harnesses are fully adjustable to one’s shoulder and thigh, ideally providing excellent support and security to the overall body. You get the most flexible, easy to wear, and easy to handle harness made of the finest quality material from us. This harness will do wonders for stronger protection and keeping yourself in a safer position in a challenging environment. We are the leading Vaultex safety harness supplier in Dubai, UAE. We provide protective vests and clothing worn by personnel prone to risks and uncertainties at the workplace. The premium quality and top support offered is an absolute saviour!
Stay safe and secure with the Vaultex Safety Harness during work at heights
Vaultex Safety Gloves providing hand protection for various tasks

2. Vaultex Safety Gloves

Vaultex safety gloves offer protection to your hands from any harm at the workplace and keep you protected. From high heated to highlight cool objects, you can keep your hands warm and working conditions with these safety gloves. It is made with a premium material that offers you only convenience. The gloves covered the entire hand, fist but are very comfortable to wear, like shielding protection. From us, you get Vaultex safety gloves in Dubai, UAE, that is not just affordable, but the quality is driven too. The affordable pricing ensures it fits the budget of almost everyone, yet the quality is intact.

3. Vaultex Safety Shoes

We provide top-notch, hassle-free safety shoes for your workplace needs, making you choose from the top styles, quality, and best protection. The shoes are incredibly flexible and easy to wear, allowing you to feel nothing at all, even though the material is strong enough. From object falling or tripping, you will be on a safer side, with ultra-smart protection offered. The high ankle and water resistance capacity makes it quite an advanced one built with comfortable technique. Being the major dealer of Vaultex safety equipment, we are proud of the quality and customer satisfaction that we attain in our products.
Display of Vaultex safety shoes at a trusted supplier in UAE.
Display of Vaultex safety shoes at a trusted supplier in UAE.

4. Vaultex Safety Coverall

Get yourself the right safety coverall, ensuring workwear protection, amazing quality, great fabric, long-lasting results and flame retardant, and much more. We offer a range of safety suits made with pure cotton fabric, works wonderfully in any industry or occupation. Wearing protective clothing is a need of an hour in an environment that possess danger to one’s body and health. Keep your employee and staff secured and safe with safety coverall. You can be ensured to get a high level of protection during work activities. Overall, it proves to derive quite a lot of benefits and features.

We are one of the premium Vaultex safety product dealers in UAE, offering top quality, safety clothing, and other protective equipment. Our broad spectrum of products matches the needs and expectations of many industries and other occupations. For all those looking in need of high-level security and protection at the workplace, our abundance of safety equipment suffices all your security concerns.

Our product line is industry standard, ensuring a solution to reduce the risks and health hazards at the workplace and resulting in a better, flexible, and smooth functioning of work without any health challenges. Our protective gear line is offered by a trusted brand, making it possible to provide customer satisfaction. For safety glasses, gloves and shoes, harness, and much more, we have items to ensure enough assistance and protection is offered during your working hours.

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