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Weicon Tools is a German company that has been producing stripping tools since 1960. They continue to develop, produce and distribute a wide range of tools designed for various commercial applications. Weicon stripping tools include cable knives, wire strippers, and dismantling and multifunctional tools.

Weicon’s cable knives are ideal for cutting or stripping all types of cables, including quad-shielded data cables. Other products from Weicon include wire stripper models with universal blade diameters ranging from 0.10 to 0.13 inches, as well as wire stripper models with universal blade diameters ranging from 0.30 to 1.00 inches. A wire stripper model with a universal blade diameter of 1.00 inches is also available, which can be used to strip both flat and round wires.

Weicon’s dismantling and multi-functioning tool is a versatile solution for users seeking a single tool capable of handling multiple tasks in the workplace or at home. This tool’s interchangeable blades are designed to handle tasks such as cutting, scrimping and scraping without damaging the wires being worked on.

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Range of Weicon Products we offer in Dubai

Cable Stripper:

The Weicon range of wire stripping machines is equipped with cutting-edge technology and design, which provide a high level of performance. The machines are well suited for stripping wires in the field or on site. Models are available to strip wires with diameters ranging from 0.1mm to 10mm.

The Weicon range provides durable, heavy duty machines for professional use. They ensure high quality stripping of wires and cables at an affordable price. The machines are convenient to use and easy to clean. Their compact size makes them suitable for use in regular small workshops and maintenance yards as well as in large production facilities having large workforces.

Special Tools :

There are unique and sometimes unusual applications where you need special tools to get the job done. These tools are not going to be found on your typical hardware store shelf, but WEICON TOOLS can get them for you. Whether it’s the dismantling of large cable diameters (which may require a heat-resistant handle or a tool with a protected head), solar industry tools (such as a special crimper with no electrical contact surface) or working on high voltage cables (working in an insulated space, using insulated tools), WEICON TOOLS has these solutions for you.

Everyone has their own needs and preferences when it comes to their tools and equipment, and we have the experience to know what will work for you!

Advantages of our WEICON power tools:

Better Performance:
Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the power tools in your garage can do more than you realize. Whether it’s an electric drill, an impact driver, a chainsaw, or even an angle grinder, our WEICON power tools are all designed for better performance and longer lasting durability.

Also, the best thing about all of our products is that they come with the 3-year warranty!

Speed And Efficiency:
WEICON power tools are fast and efficient, making them the tool of choice for professionals around the country. Whether you’re in the construction business, a handyman looking to speed up your workday or just someone who wants to get jobs done efficiently, WEICON is the way to go.

WEICON tools are different from other power tools because they use a patented air-driven mechanism that produces 3 times more torque than other brands. This means that you can hit the ground running without having to spend time struggling with your tool to complete projects.

The tool’s efficiency doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either. The WEICON power tools line-up is second to none, giving you access to all of the professional grade features that you’ve come to expect in a power tool at an affordable price.


WEICON TOOLS is a manufacturer of high-quality tools that are made in Germany. We are committed to sustainable production and have been awarded several prizes for our commitment to the environment.

Our products are made from high-quality materials, which ensure a long lifespan and minimal maintenance time. Our tools come with a lifetime warranty and can be repaired at any time.

Our WEICON TOOLS are available on Instagram! We‘ll show you all kinds of photos and videos about our stripping tools. Follow us to learn more about the function and application of these tools, as well as the inside scoop on our production process.

You will learn more about our products, but also about what goes on behind the scenes at WEICON Tools.

Join us in our journey through the world of WEICON TOOLS!

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